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A Cocktail Event Raising Money to Cure Parkinson's

Bob Harmon always told his children to do what they love. So when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over 15 years ago, he chose a golf tournament and Kate chose cocktails. In the 14 years the Harmon family has been raising money for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, they’ve contributed over half a million dollars toward the cure. Half a million from two small communities - Winter Haven, Florida, and York, Pennsylvania.

While Bob no longer runs his golf tournament in Florida, Kate and her husband, Matthew, have raised over $100K out of their York home through Shaken Not Stirred in only seven years.


Raising that money, it's not WHY we do this - though 100% of your donations go straight toward a cure, which is GREAT. It's for every one of you. Everyone living with Parkinson's or loving someone who has it. It's for the first person who told my Dad that he wasn't alone - though it was a thing Dad has told countless newly diagnosed patients before. No one had ever told him. That was what Team Fox gave us.


Join us. Become one of the thousands of Team Fox members who aren't just a collection of donors, but people working toward one goal - a world without Parkinson's. What we've done, what you've all done is extraordinary. You're all extraordinary. Here comes Shaken Not Stirred- how Kate and Matthew stay connected though they're 990 miles away.


We are the Harmons. And we are here until Parkinson's isn't.

Save the Date for Nov. 10, 2024
in York, Pa.

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